First Blog Post & A Muggy Monday

Happy Monday and thank you for checking out my first blog post! I have been going back and forth on starting this blog for a while and finally I decided.. why the heck not?! I love anything fitness and connect with other people that feel the same way so I figure this is a great way to do just that. I forewarn you that this blog will feature lots of randomness from work outs to healthy recipes to my day-to-day in NYC. I hope you enjoy and follow along!

So this morning started out rainy and muggy! I have been slacking on my 5:30 am gym sessions but this am I set two alarms and got to it. Wanted to start this week on the right foot! I focused my workout on arms and finished with some HIIT to get nice and sweaty =).
Front Raises 3×10
Lateral Raises 3×10
Standing Overhead Press 3X8 
Upright Row 3×8
Standing Curls (one leg) 3×10 Superset w/ Overhead tricep extension  
Pushups 3×15
High Intensity: 3 times 
Jump rope 60 seconds 
Mountain climbers 100x
Jump over bench 25x 
In the future you are bound to see lots of pictures of my pup, Toto. I am a firm believer that pets are truly the best therapy! Does anyone else agree? While I love Toto, he is a shihtzu and too small to run but one day I would loveeee to have a dog to run with. Check out this article I found on about keeping your pet healthy and specifically, running with your dog.,,20912055,00.html
Thats all for today, thanks for checking out my blog!
Any advice for a new blogger? Does anyone have a dog for a workout buddy? Any tips/advice for running with a dog? 

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