Derek Jeter–what?!

Friday was a fun day! I started the morning off with my own WOD in my front yard. I used my kettle bell, body weight exercises, and sprints to come up with the following…

Lap around the block sprint (approx. 400meters) 

20 Kettle Bell Swings 

20 Push ups 

20 Burpees 

20 Air Squats 

Repeat 4 times 

Followed by Arnold press 3×8, tricep extensions 3×15, and lateral raises 3×10 with the kettle bell 

This was the perfect at home work out since I was a bit crunched for time and it still got me feeling the burn! After my work out I made a quick breakfast. I have been sick of eggs lately, which are my go to for starting the day with protein. So I switched it up to have some plain greek yogurt, strawberries, and Beark Naked Granola. I love this stuff! With 10g of protein in 1/4 cup its a great addition to yogurt. When I followed IIFYM this was great too with 7f/12c/10p it fit my macros well.


The real highlight of my day was NOT the yogurt though.. at work we had Derek Jeter as a guest speaker! Talk about an amazing athlete. He spoke about his career in baseball and how he is loving his retirement. He also spoke about the energy of the NY Yankees and how rewarding it was to just be associated with the team. Being in NY you can really feel how powerful and dedicated the Yankee fans are! He said it is nice to be able to work out when he Wants to and not feel he has to. It was such a great reward that my company brought him in to speak to us! Have a good weekend!


Question- What are your breakfast ideas to start the day with protein? Whats your favorite way to get in a quick workout? 


Watermelon Smoothie! Yes, Please

This am I woke up with a random sore throat and it was the perfect reason to whip up a watermelon smoothie! A few days ago I bought a huge watermlon and put a bunch in the freezer. The smoothy was perfect for my throat- added some peach and bananas as well! Watermelon has some major health benefits including lots of Vitamin A & C, support for cardiovascular health, and bone health.

IMG_2383Later on at work I snacked on some greek yogurt to get my protein in 🙂


Has anyone ever been to a Charming Charlies? It’s this great store that sells reasonably priceds accessories and clothes in every color possible. The store is laid out by color so its easy to find what your looking for! They recently opened a new store by my office on 5th Ave so I decided to check it out after work. I am so glad I did! I bought these two adorable dresses for less than $20 each!


Don’t mind my sperry’s haha. Aren’t these dresses cute?! I also loved the dressing room, so detailed and girly. Have you ever been to a charming charlies? Where is your go to for fun accessories? 

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